AbyssNaut is an innovative company with multiple specializations: find all our technical products dedicated to scuba diving and water sports!


AbyssNaut Industry specializes in the treatment of panels of large aquariums, as well as in their maintenance: find on this site our dedicated products and services on this site.


AbyssNaut is specialized in the treatment exploiting the properties of ultrasound. In collaboration with the German manufacturer EMAG, we offer a range of professional-quality devices, as well as products suitable for ultrasonic tank cleaning.

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AbyssNaut MultiSports offers product ranges dedicated to indoor and outdoor sports applications: disinfectants, waterproofing agents, water purification gourds …

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CanaSucre is a new site dedicated to the well-being of horses and riders: totally natural sweets, dried apples to share with your horse, marine mud and clays, disinfectants …

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