Innovative cleaning system for Acrylic Aquarium Panel

Tedious, repetitive, and costly on the long run, routine cleaning of Aquarium panels is nonetheless necessary to maintain a high transparency quality and optimize visibility.

Fully designed and manufactured by ABYSSNAUT the Robot Cleaner is intended to simplify and rationalize your regular maintenance tasks.

Keep your panels clean without diving


Focus on marine biology and the quality of your exhibits

Remotely Operated Robot

No wired connection with surface and technical area

Maximum cleaning efficiency

Regular and systematic motions with constant operating speed. Execute micro buffing / polishing guaranteeing quality uniform results that can’t be matched by manual work of divers

Auto Cleaning Toolheads

Innovative toolheads device : No risk of absorbing abrasive particles that could potentially scratch panels

Auto repositioning system

Automatically assisted routes when changing the movement axis. Consistent linear travels horizontally and vertically

Extra flat size

Its flat structure allows it to slip between panels and nearby decorations. Generate extremely little hydrodynamic turbulence that could be disturbing for sensitive biotopes

Adaptable & Enduring

Fits most Aquarium panels : flat, curved, arched, tunnel, etc. Able to cover up to 120sqm on a single battery charge

User friendly

Quick and easy setup Intuitive robot control

Automatic Mode

Fully automated mode allowing you to focus on other tasks than panel cleaning

Handling accessories included

Accessories included : launching lifting crane & transport trolley