that simplifies
aquarium acrylic panel maintenance

Our polishing services

Standard Polishing

Ideal for lightly damaged and scratched panels, such as shark or ray skin frictions. Our standard polishing service effectively removes all opacity and cloudy reflections on your panels and restores their original clarity.

Intensive Polishing

Designed for panels that suffered significant damage, our intensive polishing service is advised when panels present with a high density of scratches and/or deep scratches. Such damage is often seen in aquariums of coral fish, turtles, and marine mammals.

Our Technology

for flat vertical

Battery robot polisher

Powered by battery, this robot can perform a polishing treatment without any cables in open water, ensuring minimal intrusiveness to marine life in your aquariums.

Wired robot polisher

Equipped with a power cable to give it a design extra-flat, this robot is agile and mobile, even in the tightest spaces where rock structures and corals are particularly close to your acrylic panels.

for curved panel

& tunnel

Battery robot polisher

– curved panel

Exclusively designed for all types of curved panel (tunnel, cylinder, arche,…) with its customizable and adaptative structure. It is also equipped with a battery pack for unobtrusive polishing service and a stress-free experience for your aquarium inhabitants.

AbyssNaut Guarentees


Robotic polishing services are safe for your aquatic ecosystems. The robots are extremely quiet and generate very little hydrodynamic turbulence.


Thanks to our robots, we get rid of all logistics hassle associated with conventional diving. Our execution speed is also significantly higher, which allows us to offer attractive prices.


The consistency and precision of robotic polishing allows us to deliver exceptional transparency across the entire surface of your panels.