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Acrylic panel wear is inevitable, particularly in aquariums. Panels are easily scratched and become opaque rather quickly.

Damage on the panels contributes to the embedment of algae, alters optical properties, and makes routine cleaning operations more difficult.

ABYSSNAUT ® specializes in underwater acrylic panel polishing.

Services are fully conducted by Abyssnaut and ensured by our robotic technology which guarantees homogeneity and transparency quality over the entire surface of your panels.

Not only we deliver better results, but we also decrease operations lead time, compared to conventional works with divers.

Abyssnaut other core competency is to tailor solutions to fit the technical requirements of all your aquarium configurations.

The technology is safe for your biotopes.

You no longer have to empty your tanks.

Improve your visitors experience

Make this technology yours with minimum impact on your biotopes