Polishing is a process whereby all scratches, dents, marks, etc. are eliminated. This operation restores acrylic panels’ translucency.

After treatment, panels are almost new and the surface condition facilitates very easy cleaning.

The advantages of polishing include:

The panel is restored to an almost new condition.
Scratch marks or dents are no longer visible.
The panel has a polished appearance and transparency is restored.
Opaque areas are removed.
The panel’s surface condition reduces the number of areas on which seaweed and microorganisms can grow.
Panels are easier to clean.
There is improved visibility.
We use our different processes to renovate a large range of panels on both their wet and dry sides.

Our technology enables us to guarantee a smooth finish and the correction of visible marks.

Our new “dry side” renovation process combines excellent quality with a fast operation time. We use specially developed eco friendly, state of the art polishing pastes.

AbyssNaut is a pioneer company for this kind of operation.